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infra CONVERT 2019
Version from 15.04.2019
Changes, extensions and bug fixes since version
Start and Import
Bug fix Drawing files in TIFF format could not be loaded from the user interface if the file extension was "*.tiff" with two instead of one "f". This bug is fixed.
User Interface
Change The paths of last opened projects on the start page are checked for actuality at program start.
Analysis and Characteristic properties
Extension The position of a stamp is now transferred to the new drawing sheet during drawing comparison.

Bug fix 
Characteristics created by duplicating or re-stamping could not be transferred to a new inspection plan version by manual merging during drawing comparison. This restriction has been removed.
Saving and Export
Bug fix Instabilities when saving large project files have been fixed.
Bug fix Switching the language has led to instability of the program in special constellations. These bugs have been fixed.

Bug fix The list field "Language" did not show an entry after the installation, but only after the first change of this setting. Now the correct entry is displayed immediately.
infra - CONVERT
Version 11.11.10
Published: 03.02.2017
Info Version 11.11.10 removes several errors reported by customers and partners.

  • A Bug in the CAD core was corrected, which prevented the load of drawing under very special circumstances.
  • The CAD kernel now displays an error if a PDF file can't be loaded.
  • The comparison routine now works better with drawings from SolidWorks.
  • Assigning new general tolerances will now be displayed correct again in the feature table.
  • Loading an old project version now works as intended, if the features contain characters instead of numbers.
  • Angles will be exported without places after the decimal point, if the angle doesn't have them.
  • Corrected some typing errors in the tolerance tables, which prevented infra-CONVERT to load them.
  • The bundled Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime was updates to the most current version (SP1).

Excel Report Add-In

Version 3.3.1
  • New installer.
  • New - icons.
  • Support for Office 2016.
  • New documentation.
mdm TOOL
Version 1.2.7
Published: 08.02.2018
Info Version 1.2.7 corrects errors reported by our customers and partners.

  • Fixes a problem recognizing blue - DAT dongle after sleepmode.

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