License terms

Licence agreement for the infra CONVERT Software

The original version of this contract is the German version. In the event of a discrepancy between the original and a subsequent version, the original version shall take precedence in case of doubt.
I Usage rights
  1. Upon purchasing a licence, ELIAS GmbH grants the customer a paid, non-exclusive right to use the infra CONVERT software, hereinafter referred to as the “Software”, without any time limitation. The delivery of the source code is not included in the scope of delivery.
  2. The licence entitles the customer to the individual use of the Software within the confines of normal use. This includes the installation of the Software, loading the Software into the random access memory and running it. The licence does not extend to other types of use. In particular, the customer may not make any changes to or produce any translations or create other reproductions of the Software, including partially or temporarily, of whatever type and by whatever means. Section 39 (2) of the German Copyright Act (Urhebergesetz – UrhG) remains unaffected.
  3. The acquired licences are floating licences. No more copies may be in use at any one time than licences which have been acquired. Notices regarding copyrights or other intellectual property rights to or in the Software may not be altered, removed or otherwise concealed.
  4. The customer may neither lease nor lend out the Software. The Software licence may only be transferred to a third party with the prior approval of ELIAS GmbH and only if the third party declares in writing that it agrees to these terms and conditions and the customer does not retain any copies of the Software (including any previous versions). Decompiling the Software is not accepted. ELIAS GmbH reserves the right to carry out adjustment work. Any adjustment work that is necessary to ensure the interoperability of the Software with other programs remains unaffected by this provision. Otherwise, sections 69d and 69e UrhG remain unaffected.

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