The limited liability company ELIAS Emscher-Lippe-Institut für Automatisierungstechnik und Qualitäts-Sicherung GmbH has a 30 year history:


infra CONVERT Version 3 und infra CONVERT Viewer

With infra CONVERT v3, the infra CONVERT Viewer is introduced as a new product. Integrated as a program component in CAQ, MES and other systems, the Viewer allows the user to display stamped drawings and other data highly dynamically in the context of the inspection process. More


30 years of ELIAS GmbH

ELIAS GmbH celebrates its 30th company anniversary on 10th January 2021.


infra CONVERT version 2

From 2020 the newly developed product infra CONVERT 2019 will be offered as usual under the name infra CONVERT. On 29 July, the first 64-bit version, infra CONVERT v2, will be released.


infra CONVERT 2019

Until 1st April 2019 the products infra - CONVERT (version 11) and infra CONVERT 2019 (version 1.3) will be offered in parallel. After that, only licenses for infra CONVERT 2019 can be purchased. If infra - CONVERT (version 11) is to continue to be used, we offer the possibility of a downgrade.


The current version 1.1 of infra CONVERT 2018 is released

28 sales partners now use our infra - CONVERT produce (current version 11). The new version of infra - CONVERT that was presented at Control 2017 and Control 2018 will as of 2018 also be desig-nated by its current year. infra CONVERT 2018 will be made available to all sales partners and end customers for testing purposes during the first half of 2018. Version 1.2 of infra CONVERT 2018 will be released in the third quarter of 2018.


Measurement data management

So that users can maintain a clear overview of the variety of measurement devices to be used and continue to procure devices from any manufacturer of their choosing, with both wireless and wired connections, ELIAS GmbH has since 2015 provided measurement data manager mdm - TOOL as a replacement for hardware-based interface boxes. This product makes the management of any number of measurement devices within any number of measurement locations much easier, whilst also ensuring that measurement values can be unambiguously traced back to the measured ob-ject.

Preparation for a further change to infra - CONVERT

By the end of 2015 the number of sales partners for the infra - CONVERT product had increased to 26. However, the number of requests for more features is so large that a new rewrite of infra - CONVERT was initiated.


Introduction of new product blue - DAT

The fast pace of digitalisation of industrial sector seen in recent times, often called Industry 4.0, also demands solutions that are more compact, higher performance, more flexible and more mo-bile. Measurement device manufacturers are providing their latest products with features such as integrated wireless connectivity. So as not to miss out on the opportunities this brings, since 2014 ELIAS GmbH has been offering good value blue - DAT wireless adaptors that use the Bluetooth® Smart Standard and work flexibly with a range of measurement device interfaces.


Version 11.0 of infra - CONVERT presented

Version 11.0 of infra - CONVERT presented at Control 2009. Interested users can also now edit drawings in PDF and other suitable graphics formats.


Release of a new 2.4 GHz wireless system

In order to get worldwide approval for infra - DAT, 2008 saw the completion of a two-year test phase to release an additional product variant using the 2.4 GHz frequency range. This variant al-lows us to gain customers in the aerospace industry. Mobile devices (tablet PCs) with integrated receivers (Bluetooth) are used to transfer measurement data to other systems.


Rewrite of infra - CONVERT

Since 2005, more and more automotive manufacturers have been requiring paperless initial sam-ples from their suppliers. This has led to an increasing number of CAQ system houses looking at the infra - CONVERT product. Customers are suddenly now asking for a greater cope of functional-ity, such that a complete rewrite of the infra - CONVERT product is initiated. Version 10.0 of infra - CONVERT presented at Control 2006. By mid-2007, ELIAS GmbH has acquired 13 well-known CAQ system houses as sales partners for its infra - CONVERT product.


Wireless measurement data transfer and CAD-based creation of quality control plans

Since 1st January 1998, ELIAS GmbH has been led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gottfried Hartke. At this time, the company generated most of its revenue in the personnel qualification and personnel out-sourcing sectors. As market demand in the area of wireless measurement data transfer grew, addi-tional developers were required. At the turn of the millennium, infra - DAT 2000 RC radio links (433 MHz) is available. This is joined in 2005 by infra - DAT 2000 RC BD (433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz) which provides for bidirectional radio links, allowing now only the results of the evaluation to be displayed on the terminal, but also provide feedback to production staff via the transmitter on the measurement device.
The turn of the millennium also sees the release of an entirely new product for CAD-based crea-tion of quality control plans. With a click of the mouse, infra - CONVERT automatically reads the features and associated tolerances from 2D CAD drawings, stamps them, i.e. labels them with an allocation code, and transfers these into quality control plans. Used in combination with infra - DAT, quality control plans are much more easily created and control tasks more easily conducted.



The limited liability company ELIAS Emscher-Lippe-Institut für Automatisierungstechnik und Qualitäts-Sicherung GmbH was founded on 10th January 1991 in 44623 Herne.
ELIAS GmbH emerged from CAQ research at the Fachhochschule Dortmund university of applied sciences, which gained recognition in 1988 from the Ministry of Science and Research in Nord-rhein-Westfalen under the leadership of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Carl Josef Cosack. ELIAS GmbH has been run as an institute of the Fachhochschule Dortmund since 1997. A cooperation agreement states that primary teaching staff at the university who work in the fields of automation technology and quality assurance are part of the company management.

Key aims of the company are to carry out research, promote new technologies and innovations, transfer technology, qualification of personnel as well as outsourcing and placing staff.

The results of research into product solutions suitable for the market was transferred in 1991. Wire-less data transfer (DAT) from manual measurement equipment to nearby receiving devices was first realised using infrared (infra) in the form of infra - DAT. Production staff were automatically given a comparison of the actual and target values for selected product features. Features and placement of the actual values compared to the tolerance thresholds were visually indicated on the receiver (LED based, hard wired).

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