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For 25 years, ELIAS GmbH has developed and delivered products for computer-assisted quality assurance systems. Our products stand out due to their excellent value for money, reliability, user-friendliness and flexible options for integration into CAQ, MES or ERP systems. Our staff guarantee to deliver solutions that go above and beyond current technological standards as well as providing you with the best possible customer service.

Our product ranges

quality test planning

The leading software for analysing technical drawings.

Wireless measurement
data transmission

The perfect system to transmit your measurement data automatically.

data management

The indispensable tool tho manage your measurement data.


The leading software for analysing technical drawings

infra CONVERT automatically extracts, analyses and marks quality-relevant features from CAD drawings and transfers them to a test plan.
  • Ensure a recogntion rate of quality-relevant features up to 100 %.
  • Link quality-relevant features in stamped drawings and the corresponding quality control plan via a characteristic number.
  • Reduce the time required for quality test planning by up to 70 %.
  • Integrate infra CONVERT as a module in a CAD system.
Loaded by infra CONVERT:
  • Drawings in a CAD exchange format (DWG, DXF oder IGES)
  • Drawings in another format (PDF, TIFF, PNG, …)
Issued by infra CONVERT:
  • Quality test plan for further processing in MS Excel or a CAQ system
  • Stamped drawings as a PDF file or image details of areas around the stamps
Further information about this product ....
... infra  CONVERT 2019:
... infra - CONVERT (Final version V11):
* As well as pricing, this page contains information about licensing conditions, maintenance and updates.

The perfect system to transmit your measurement data automatically

Transmit measurement data on keystroke without any errors.
  • Track measurement values by the transmitter ID.
  • Use any number of measurement devices at one measurement station.
  • Arrange any number of measuring stations next to each other.
  • Flexibly set up mobile measuring station, e. g. with tablet computers.
Received from the measurement device:
  • Digital measurement value
Reported back from the recipient to the transceiver:
  • Transmission succesful or not
Transferred to the terminal device:
  • Measurement value
  • Measurement device or trandsmitter ID, battery condition
Further information:
* The price list shows the available measurement device interfaces.
** mdm TOOL is the driver software for the blue DAT and infra DAT products.

The indispensable tool to manage your measurement data

Record measurement data quickly, securely and with traceability.
  • Transfer measurement data from any gauge to any software, regardless of the type of connection.
  • Channel any number of gauges at a measuring station.
  • Read out measurement data, e. g. from dial gauges with a trigger pulse.
Received at the device interface:
  • Digital measurement value
  • Measurement device or transmitter ID, battery condition
Transferred to the respective application:
  • Individually formatted measurement data (e. g. measurement value + time stamp + ID + self-specified name)

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