Training videos: infra - CONVERT

In the training videos we will show you the installation process, the most important functions in infra - CONVERT as well as the handling of the Excel Report Add-In. You also have the option to watch these videos directly on this YouTube channel.

In den Schulungsvideos zeigen wir Ihnen den Installationsvorgang, die wichtigsten Funktionen in  sowie den Umgang mit dem Excel Report Add-In. Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, sich diese Videos direkt auf diesem YouTube-Kanal anschauen.


Working with files

  • Loading drawings
  • Supported file formats
  • Switching to monochrome mode

Stamping features

  • Defining general tolerances
  • Stamping individual features
  • Geometric tolerances

Stamping special features

  • Multiple stamps per feature
  • Stamping text

Editing stamps

  • Show features table
  • Positioning stamps

Editing feature table

  • Moving features
  • Sorting features
  • Renumbering features
  • Renumbering stamps
  • Assigning a feature to drawing area

Compare quality control plans

  • Save quality control plan
  • Compare quality control plans

Editing PDF files and graphics

  • Open PDF file or graphic
  • Stamp PDF file or greaphic

Creating PDF files

  • Install PDF printer
  • Create PDF file

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