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blue - DAT – Wireless measurement data transmission

With blue - DAT you can transfer measurement data wirelessly, quickly and securely, from handheld measuring devices. As a further development of the tried and tested wireless infra - DAT system, blue - DAT uses the Bluetooth® Smart standard, the technology of the future.

The blue - DAT system consists of a transmitter, a receiver and measurement data management software. The transmitter can be connected to any of the usual digital handheld measuring devices. The receiver is connected via a USB interface to the end device. The measurement management software organizes the processing of your measurement data and offers an interface to the CAQ/MES-software system and Office products.

Measurement values are transmitted at the press of a button to the receiver, error-free and with minimal time loss. The lack of restrictive cabling makes working in tight spaces much easier. The sort of read-off and transmission errors common in conventional working procedures are eliminated. Illegible handwriting and typing errors become a thing of the past. Since every transmitter has a unique ID number, measuring equipment can easily be monitored and the transmitted data tracked. Pressing the button on the transmitter always transmits its ID and the measurement values.

It is possible to connect any number of digital devices to a measurement site. The secure transmission through Bluetooth® Smart standard means that any number of measurement stations can be operated simultaneously with the measurement management software making it possible to quickly and easily assign data to its source measurement station.

blue - DAT system transmitters are available for all the usual digital measurement systems. As different manufacturers use different connectors, transmitters are dispatched with the appropriate connector. Visit our Shop for an overview of the available connectors.

The compact dimensions of this new blue - DAT make it possible for use at mobile measurement sites, e.g. direct connection to tablets, notebooks etc. Compared to infra - DAT, the new system offers significantly longer battery times with higher transmission rates.

blue - DAT – the cost-effective alternative to cabled systems!