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Update informations:

infra - CONVERT Version 11.11.10


Info: Version 11.11.10 removes several errors reported by customers and partners.

  • A Bug in the CAD core was corrected, which prevented the load of drawing under very special circumstances.
  • The CAD kernel now displays an error if a PDF file can't be loaded.
  • The comparison routine now works better with drawings from SolidWorks.
  • Assigning new general tolerances will now be displayed correct again in the feature table.
  • Loading an old project version now works as intended, if the features contain characters instead of numbers.
  • Angles will be exported without places after the decimal point, if the angle doesn't have them.
  • Corrected some typing errors in the tolerance tables, which prevented infra-CONVERT to load them.
  • The bundled Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime was updates to the most current version (SP1).


infra - CONVERT Version 11.11.7


Info: Version 11.11.7 removes several errors reported by customers and partners.

  • Some customers had problems with the line width of exported NX drawings. We have disabled the display of the line width in this version.
  • The setting "Always use line weights" now works correct, if the drawings was exported by NX.
  • Drawings exported with SolidEdge contain faulty font informations. These informations are now corrected on import.
  • Solved a problem with MLEADER-objects of SolidEdge.


infra - CONVERT Version 11.11.5


  • A link to an external JPG will now be displayed correctly, if the JPG is in the same directory as the drawing file.
  • If you open an ICP file and the drawing has been moved, infra-CONVERT will now search the drawing file in the same directory the ICP file is opened from.
  • If a FeatureTypes.xml file is provided via parameter, these settings will be used for displaying an ICP file.


Info: Version 11.11.5 removes several errors reported by customers and partners.

  • Corrected the display of the title block for one customer.
  • Changing the comment field of the feature dialog is now correctly accepted.
  • The decimal separator won't be changed when exporting CSV files.
  • Better recognition of geometric tolerances within drawings created by Pro/E and Creo.
  • Fixed small problems with the new setup program.


infra - CONVERT Version 11.11.0

Info: Version 11.11.0 comes with a complete new installer. This installer supports english, french and german language. It also supports 32 bit and 64 bit operation systems!


  • Installer: The parameter InstallFolder=„C:\....\infra-CONVERT" provides the installer with a custom installation path for the infra-CONVERT base folder.
  • New start parameter: /UXML=„<full filename>“ - this parameter refers to a XML-configuration file, which contains the user settings for infra-CONVERT (like window positions, active filters, …)
  • New option: „Extras->Settings->Stamp->Caption->Font“ - with this option you can choose the font for the stamps between the CAD font or ARIAL
  • New option: „Extras->Settings->Feature->Theoretic Dimension“ - this option determines the handling of theoretic dimensions: create, ignore in multi select or ignore them all.
  • Update of the WIBU-Dongle driver to version 6.32
  • Added the tolerance tables DIN-1683-1-chart-2 and -chart-3
  • Update of .NET components to .NET Framework 4.0 (client). Now infra-CONVERT only needs .NET 4.0 and not 3.5.
  • Update of the CAD library to version 4.1.1. infra-CONVERT now supports DWG / DXF files in the AutoCad 2015 format.
  • The OEM-version now installs the dongle driver. There will be only one installer for all versions in the future.
  • New start parameter: /DEMO - This parameter starts infra-CONVERT in the demonstration mode and no dongle will be searched.
  • Shared features are now separated when saved into DFD or CSV files, if the option „Extras->Settings->Feature->Shared features“ is activated.
  • Feature types can be hidden. The feature type table was extended with a column „visible“. If a Feature type is not visible it will be hidden in the drawing, in the feature table, in the print outs and when exported.
  • New start parameter: /TYPES=„<full filename>“ - this parameter refers to the configuration file for the feature type definitions.
  • Czech language added. It can be activated with the parameter /LANG=cz


Info: Version 11.11.0 removes several errors reported by customers and partners. It also improves the import of CAD data.

  • The import of PDF files was improved.
  • The import of files created with CATIA was improved. Some customers had problems with dimension which were recognized as part of the drawing border.
  • The recognition of company logos in drawings was improved.
  • Some CAD systems are using the wrong degree symbol in export. This error is now automatically corrected.
  • Some stamps had the wrong size if they where inside scaled parts of the drawing.
  • When importing without write protection unused stamp numbers couldn’t be used anymore. This error was fixed.
  • A point in the feature number is no longer converted into a comma when exporting CSV files.


infra - CONVERT Version 11.10.5


Info: Version 11.10.5 removes several errors reported by customers and partners. It also improves the import of CAD data.

  • The import of TIFF files was improved because some customers had issues with TIFF graphics.
  • In version 11.10.4 some customers had issues with line breaks in feature texts. This could result in faulty PRF /CSV files.
  • One customer had issues with angular dimensions. The program code for the recognition of angular dimensions was optimized.
  • Small adjustments to the import of PDF files.