Solutions for quality control

Drawing formats supported:

  • 2D DXF & 2D DWG formats (up to and including Version AutoCAD 2012)
  • 2D IGES (module IGES)
  • PDF (module GRAPHIC)
  • TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG (module GRAPHIC)

The above-mentioned CAD formats can be exported from virtually all CAD systems. For more information on CAD systems click here... (information only in german language)

Output formats supported:

  • Q-DAS ASCII transfer format (*.DFD)
  • Microsoft Excel CSV format (*.CSV)
  • Direct interface to CAQ systems


  • Manual selection, area selections, automatic search
  • automatic recognition of dimensions, tolerances, engineering fit, ...
  • support for general tolerances tables, automatic classification (radius, diameter, surface parameters, geometric tolerances...
  • automatic or manual classification from drawing views


  • VDA symbol
  • definitive numbering
  • assignment of stamp number for each view
  • manual re-alignment of stamps
  • manual re-numbering clockwise, XY or multiple stamping of features possible

Features graphics:

  • automatic generation of features graphics
  • issued with or without stamp
  • selection of graphic formats
  • black/white or coloured graphics
  • variable size and resolution
  • output of complete drawing and stamp positions in the graphic

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or newer
  • .NET framework 4.0
  • current service packs for the operation system
  • optional: Citrix or terminal server