Solutions for quality control

Sample drawing

The drawing shows the important functions of automatic features recognition in infra - CONVERT. More information on individual points is provided below.


1 - Recognition dimension tolerances:

  • Read-off of upper and lower tolerances from the drawing
Beispiel: Toleriertes Maß

2 - Tolerance tables for dimensions lacking tolerances:

  • Dimensions can be automatically determined from the table
  • Open interface for tolerance table
Beispiel: Allgmeintoleranzen

3 - Geometric tolerances DIN ISO 1101:

  • Recognition of geometric tolerances
  • Recognition of tolerance values
Beispiel: Form- und Lagetoleranz

4 - Surfaces according to DIN ISO 4287/DB N31007:

  • Recognition of surface area properties
Beispiel: Oberflächengüte

5 - Roundings and chamfers:

  • Separate tolerance table for roundings and champfers
Beispiel: Rundungen und Fasen

6 - Dimensions of angles:

  • Separate tolerance tables for angles

7 - Engineering fit, DIN ISO 286 part 2:

  • Resolution of engineering fit for upper and lower tolerances (e.g. H7)
Beispiel: Passung

8 - Dimensions with min. and max. values:

  • Recognition with or without issue of upper or lower tolerance

9 - Help dimensions:

  • Help dimensions can be ignored during recognition
  • Selectable recognition with or without general tolerances
Beispiel: Hilfsmaße

10 - View stamps:

  • Clockwise stamps
  • Click sequenced stamps
  • Separate numerial circles per view
Beispiel: Ansichten

11 - Attributive features:

  • Stamp texts
Beispiel: Attributive Merkmale


  • Additional numbering
  • Individual positioning of stamps
  • Multiple stamps per feature
  • Features independent of CAD


Info tip: Feature recognition depends on the quality of the CAD drawing.ELIAS GmbH cannot be held responsible for any lack of required information in a drawing. Examples cited on the web site are intended as demonstrations of selected functionalities of the product and cannot be used as the basis of any claims or otherwise against ELIAS GmbH. All rights reserved.