Solutions for quality control

  blue - DAT infra - DAT type ID001 infra - DAT type ID002
(dependent on local conditions)
up to 10m up to 100m up to 100m
Bluetooth technology Bluetooth Smart - -
No transmitters per receiver as required as required as required
No of simultaneously active senders per receiver 8 as required as required
LEDs for feedback yes yes yes
Receiver USB dongle infra-DAT receiver infra-DAT receiver
Receiver connection to PC via USB USB / RS232 USB / RS232
Battery life
(dependent on use)
approx. 36,000 transmissions approx. 12.000 - 15.000 transmissions approx. 150.000 transmissions
Dimensions (L x B x H) 52mm x 26mm x 16mm 52mm x 26mm x 16mm 62mm x 42mm x 22mm
Weight with connector adapter approx. 19g approx. 21g approx. 50g
Connection via MDM - Tool yes yes yes
Transmission of serial number yes yes yes
Measurement demand from PC
(remote request)
yes yes yes
Frequency band 2,4GHz 433.05MHz - 434.79MHz 433.05MHz - 434.79MHz
Frequency channels - 68 68